Scierra Salis

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Scierra Salis
Scierra Salis
Scierra Salis
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The Salis rods are designed for the coasts of Northern Europe and for the multitudes of lakes hiding huge pike and other toothy fresh water predators. We have strengthened the deeper parts of these rods to ensure actions that will master the stronger winds, heavier flies and generally difficult conditions connected with these fisheries, but we have not compromised with the curves. The smoothness of unbroken bending curves will always be the crucial part of the definition of an excellent fly rod and the Salis rods are all excellent. Enjoy!

½ flex profiles, fast recovery times and infinitely smooth bending curves | Blue on blue are the key words for a visual translation of the color of water | Built on 40T Japanese Carbon material | The best Portuguese cork available | Custom made ALPS aluminum reel seat | Pacific Bay lightweight stripping and snake guides | 100% saltwater resistant | Supplied in cloth bag and quality cordura tube, with shoulder strap and carry handle

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