Westin Original Perch 18cm 61g

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Westin Original Perch 18cm 61g
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Orange Perch
Orange Perch
Perch 1
Perch 1
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Life-like lures in all shapes and sizes have been popular for decades, yet few have ever come close to those handmade by Tomy's Bait. Now, we are pleased to announce that Westin have partnered with Tomy to make his Original Perch lure design available globally. A lifetime’s fascination with fish has given Tomy an unrivalled understanding of their behaviour. From keeping fish in aquariums, to scuba diving with wild fish, to fishing for them, Tomy became obsessed with developing artificial baits that better mimicked the natural food of predatory fish.

First created in 2015, Tomy’s Original Perch is perhaps his most famous lure. Developed to mimic a small perch, which is in most venues, an important part of the diet of predatory fish. The Original Perch exemplifies Tomy’s attention to detail in the search for the most life-like design possible. Pushing the boundaries of hand-made lure design through continual development, the Original Perch is now at the pinnacle of lure design. The dynamic shape of the Original Perch was later refined with external fins to give a more life-like appearance. Combined with the incredibly realistic hand painted finish, the Original Perch proved irresistible to predatory fish from the start, and its reputation has grown internationally as the designed has developed and been adopted by lure anglers ‘in the know’. The upward turned design of the paddle tail on the Original Perch has become a signature feature in Tomy’s lures, and gives these lures a unique action. Not only does the tail design give the lure a unique and realistic movement, but it also beats at slow speeds, including whilst free-falling when the retrieve is paused. Fished on either a steady or slightly erratic retrieve, the Original Perch has a super-effective action for all predatory fish.

One of the most realistic bait fish pattern ever produced
Ultra-realistic perch profile design and paint finish
Hand painted detailed eyes and colors
Upward facing tail creates a unique fish-attracting swimming action, even at slow speeds
The go-to bait for many top predator anglers, now available to all

7cm/4g: 2 pcs.
9cm/8g: 2 pcs.
12cm/19g: 2 pcs.
15cm/34g: 1 pcs.
18cm/61g: 1 pcs.

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